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Master Your Time, Master Your Life

A minimal yet highly featured time tracking application, to help gain insights into your tasks and be more productive without any stress.

Time tracking and management with just one click

Dmetrics is a well-known, modern time tracker and timesheet app that lets you keep a track of your time without the Internet and for fewer efforts. An easy-to-use and simplest way of tracking your productivity and managing your time wisely.

It’s not one of your basic time tracking applications, but so much more than that. We help you to take your business, work, or studies to a whole new level by managing your time efficiently. A painless way to achieving your goals!

What makes Dmetrics better than any other time tracking application?

- 01

You can easily manage time in a calendar, see current activities and log time effortlessly in a timesheet.

- 02

With just a few clicks, track every single second of your day using a timer and schedule daily tasks, accordingly.

- 03

You will get a summarized breakdown of your day-to-day tasks and filtered reports, which you can also share with others.

- 04

For your convenience and easy access, you can export these reports as Excel, PDF, and CSV files without any fuss.

Renowned time tracking App

For your convenience and ease of use, Dmetrics works smoothly on all devices. Track your time trouble-free and smoothly via the web, desktop, or mobile app

Easy, convenient and stress-free

Track your time anywhere, anytime without the use of the Internet. All data is synced online, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

A perfect blend of bold and inviting color

We purposefully paired Dmetric’s brand palette with bold, fun, and inviting colors in order to establish a strong visual language and approachable tone of voice.

Sleek and simple fonts for visual appeal

To balance out the bold colors, we opted for an elevated yet simple type treatment. It reflects the company’s innovative technology i.e., helpful, user-friendly, and smart.

A clean and precisely detailed logo

For the creative logo design of Dmetrics, we took our time and did extensive research to come up with an idea that was not only minimal and simple but also represented the brand.

Effective branding that helps stand out

The key to a feasible marketing strategy and a rapidly growing business is effective branding that sets your brand apart in the industry.

People-first website design

For each and every design decision, our approach was to put the viewers at our primary focus. Either it is website architecture or the page layout. Specifically, all elements of the website are designed to be user-friendly and helpful

A great user experience

While keeping the growing number of mobile users in mind, we strategically designed their website to offer an engaging and intuitive user experience.

Powerful time tracking that helps you to flourish

We’re committed to our customers

Our core value is to build an easy-to-use and versatile time tracking and management tool that every individual will love to use on a daily basis.

1,000+ our customers love us!

Manage your time smartly with dmetrics.

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