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Case Study

Build A Bright Future With Effective Learning

A far-reaching online learning platform for passionate learners. We believe in creating a better world by offering flexible, affordable, and accessible distance learning.

Flexible, Affordable, And Easily Accessible Online Learning Platform

Educare is a renowned online learning platform that offers a wide variety of helpful courses to all the passionate learners out there. The company’s vision is to help students learn efficiently and effectively, by the industry expert leaders worldwide. To achieve this, we developed a design plan according to the viewer’s needs and the company’s aim.

From the website architecture to page layout. Fortunately, Mayabytes succeeded at designing each and every visible element of their brand identity to represent the brand’s values and personality.

Reevaluated Brand Identity Solutions

- 01

Our goal was to create an easy-to-understand and inviting experience that captures the viewer’s attention at just one glance.

- 02

Developed brand identity and digital presence with a people-first approach in mind for each design decision.

- 03

It was a necessity to design each element of the website to be clear, convenient, and user-friendly.

- 04

We developed a vibrant color palette with a subtle touch of muted tones to communicate clearly.

Tasteful Use Of Solid Colors

Our main purpose for the brand was to create an impactful identity online. In order to achieve this, we developed a bold and fresh color palette to complement the light background.

  • F76142
  • F8A100
  • 409252

Contemporary Typefaces With Class

For the font, we wanted to use a typeface that makes the website easy on the viewer’s eyes and brings attention to important information.

A Logo Design That Represents The Brand

Creating an effective, timeless logo design requires a combination of strategy and intuition. We were successfully able to create one, while also incorporating the brand colors.

Minimal Design To Create Optimism

To refresh Educare’s visual identity, we created a clean, minimalistic design aesthetic paired with delightful imagery and interactions that helps provide a sense of optimism.

A people-first approach to design

For every single design decision for the website or application, our approach was to put the audience and their needs at the focus to make it clear, helpful, and user-friendly.

Meet with clients anytime, anywhere.

Meet the demands of your clients whenever and wherever they arise. Whether you need to have a virtual class meeting or automate and safeguard instructional resources, we’ve got it all.

Essentials For A Strong Company Branding

For any business’ success, a marketing practice that helps organizations and individuals to differentiate their products or services from others in the industry is essential.

A Smooth And Efficient Mobile Application

With the increasing number of mobile visitors in mind, we designed and developed a mobile application that provided an engaging and intuitive experience for users on the go.

Strategic Branding That Helps Stand Out

For maximum brand success, we created an effective plan for strategic branding to place the idea of the brand and its services in the audience’s mind.

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