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Case Study

Building Momentum By Building Efficient Websites

Redefining the internet, with innovative and practical web solutions. At ELKsquad, we create remarkable products with end-to-end support and expert guidance.

Modernized Web Presence For The Expert Developers

ELKsquad is a top-notch full-service development, maintenance, and quality assurance partner, with expertise in the development of time-critical and innovative eCommerce, cloud, mobile, and DevOps solutions. Our expertise is entirely built on our unique skills and experience in the industry. Every individual on our team is dedicated to always serving up something distinct that exceeds your expectations.

Ultimately, we helped them achieve their goal to drive traffic, engagement, and conversion online by creating a unique and all-new visual language, as well as an improved user journey.

Few Of Our Strategies For Creating ELKsquad’s Website

- 01

With the help of a sleek and sharp design, we created a sophisticated user experience that captures the viewer’s attention.

- 02

For a unique touch, we incorporated abstract patterns, iconography, and a color palette to highlight visual elements on the page.

- 03

We used clean, friendly fonts for the website that are a visual representation of their values and core belief.

- 04

Along with all the visual elements, we made sure that the website doesn’t bite the dust in the functionality department.

A Bold Color Palette That Sprinkles Delight

To match the creativity level of ELKsquad, even we had to step our game. For this purpose, we developed a bold color palette with a unique gradient to complement the other elements of the website.

A Simple Yet Sophisticated Type Treatment

Because of the bold color palette, we opted for a simple yet sophisticated type treatment that helps to convey a clear and effective message.

A Logo Design That Turn Heads

After loads of brainstorming, coming up with different creative concepts, and tons of sketches, we finally agreed on a logo design to go along with. One that turns heads and makes a long-lasting impression.

An Unforgettable And Smooth Web Experience

To provide their forward-thinking audience a modernized, smooth, and elevated web experience, the newly designed website utilizes captivating imagery and easy interaction to keep the users engaged.

Built For The Mobile First Generation

By prioritizing the mobile-first generation and their convenience, the all-new ELKsquad’s website offers an optimized web experience across various devices while maintaining quality.

Purposeful Interactions That Increase Conversions

Like every other company, the growth of their business was their utmost priority. So, it was a necessity to effectively showcase their services and incorporate purposeful interactions to drive an increase in conversions.

A Branding Strategy That Grabs Attention In No Time

For skyrocketing one’s business and developing a successful marketing strategy, effective branding is essential. This is what sets your brand apart from the industry competition.

How We Made It All Possible

As they say, black is the new black. It never goes out of fashion or fails to impress. For ELKsquad’s brand identity, we decided to make the most out of it by creating the perfect color combination and designs that stand out.

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