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Case Study

Hand-tossed pizza goodness

People disappoint, but pizza never really does. Get your hands on Pizzrelish’s wide variety of vegan, veggies, and gourmet meat pizzas.

Finger-licking goods delivered at your doorstep

The freshly designed website of Pizzrelish features a new user interface along with high-quality, captivating imagery. Our goal was to optimize the user journey as much as possible by organizing content and other information accurately. Additionally, the ultimate goal was to drive immense traffic and conversion on the platform.

A Website Design That Will Keep You Coming Back

- 01

A flavorful website design that effortlessly provides a thorough, smooth, and approachable overview of their services and menu.

- 02

We strategically laid out the whole process in an easy-to-read format that encourages the viewers to take action.

A simple yet elevated logo design

Our creative process of branding for Pizzrelish started off with a logo redesign. They wanted a modernized logo, that was simple yet elevated.

Modern sans serif with a touch of creativity

For the type font, we opted for Gilroy – a modern sans serif with a slight geometric and modern touch. These fonts are easy-to-read and bring attention to important information.

Incorporating the bold brand colors

We strategically used Pizzrelish’s existing brand colors for the web design, in order to enhance user experience while also drawing attention to all the important information and calls to action.

Delivering hot pizza from our door to yours

With pizza being an insanely popular food, all around the world. We decided to jump on the bandwagon way before it gained immense popularity. Pizzrelish has been serving scrumptious oven-fired goodness in the states since the year 1987.

Filled with flavorsome goodness

From the beginning of our great journey, we have been entirely dedicated to making and delivering tempting pizzas with high quality, fresh ingredients, and mouthwatering sauces.

A remarkable web presence

Pizzrelish has been serving in the states since 1987. To expand their business and offer customers their services online, the brand needed to develop a brand identity and digital presence that makes them stand out in the industry.

App design that will make you hungry

By working with the creatives at Pizzrelish, we developed a brand identity, mobile application, and web presence that mesmerized the viewers with mouthwatering photographs and a tempting menu.

Powerful branding that helps stand out

Our ultimate goal for the brand was to drive immense traffic and conversion, on both online and walk-in stores. This is why we decided to incorporate an effective branding strategy that makes them stand out to the audience.

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