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Your Fashion Best Friend

Every woman’s ultimate fashion BFF that stays ahead of the fashion curve, always. Express yourself with our luxury fashion pieces.

The forefront of women’s fashion.

A modish fashion clothing brand that offers à la mode high-end pieces that fit the need of every single woman out there. We believe that finding your favorite piece of clothing doesn’t have to be a hassle. This is exactly why we wanted to create a brand that gives the total freedom to express one’s unique style and gives the confidence to be whoever they want, without the fear of being judged.

Square Clothing Fashion is a world-famous brand for creating and delivering high-quality, elevated styles at the most reasonable prices. We recently launched our brand’s online store that became its major identifiable presence and ultimate source for shoppers globally.

For our online presence, we wanted:

- 01

An aesthetically appealing eCommerce website that captivates visitors instantly and makes it easy to find desired products.

- 02

A smooth experience that effortlessly blends powerful visuals, unique formatting, and an extremely easy navigation system.

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Forward thinking & bold fashion brand

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Women fashion,

Winter collection

For our every year’s winter collection, our skillful team works around the clock to come up with the WORLD’S RAGING TRENDS. We listen to our beloved customers and find innovative ways to improve and offer the most coveted styles.

A graceful display typeface

For a fashion website like this one, we wanted to use delicate fonts. This is why we opted for Canela Text which adds a touch of grace and elegance to the website.

Color palette

A palette that lets the work shine

By using neutral accent colors of gold and cream in addition to black and white, we gave the website a sophisticated look while also letting the amazing article images speak for themselves.

Logo concept

A simple yet modern logo

The logo needs to be both luxurious and fashionable, so we came up with a typography logo that used a ----- font while also reflecting the brand’s personality and values.

Web shots

About brand you love

An all-new website with just the right amount of feminine touch to it, that looks both luxurious and inviting at the same time.

About brand you love

Square Clothing Fashion needed a website design with clean and concise layouts that easily communicates the key information, this is exactly what we did!

A visually appealing mobile app design

While prioritizing our mobile users, we designed an all-new Square Clothing Fashion mobile app that provides an equally engaging and intuitive experience to the users.

Mobile design for a savvy audience

We designed a robust UX that integrates all of their information and interactions in a way that is attractive to people by keeping our audience's sentiments in mind. And, if the UX of a website or app makes people feel really good, they are more likely to stay and become clients.

An up-to-the-mark mobile app

With the increasing number of mobile users, a visually appealing mobile application that works seamlessly across all devices while maintaining the quality of pictures was an essential.

A unique branding that sets you apart

Our ultimate goal was to develop a brand identity and an overall presence that engages viewers with elegance while still providing a clear and approachable overview of the services.

High-quality products for the fashionistas

Square Clothing Fashion prioritizes the design and quality of its products, so we had to make sure that we create an aesthetically pleasing brand logo that represents the brand itself.

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