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Technology Trends

Top 5 technological trends expected to progress in 2018

  • Sumayya
  • August 6, 2018

Top 5 technological trends expected to progress in 2018

As the technology maintains its pace of advancement, the world is going to witness trends that’ll lead the world towards technological evolution.

Digital Currencies : The mode of payment is taking a new shape, physical currencies are about to become an ‘old school’ thing. Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, Dash, and Ripple are few of the common digital currencies prevailing in the year 2018. Their popularity and acceptance will continue to grow resulting in a rise in their value. With the growing trend of Internet of Things (IoT) these digital currencies will aid the smooth running of the interconnected devices, therefore they will gain preference over the physical monetary instruments.

Indulgence of Robots : The term ‘Robots’ has been heard since ages but the incorporation of automated procedures through robots has just been witnessed from a few years ago. The transformation in the robotics is remarkable. A decade ago, there were programmed robots, dedicated to specific tasks only, but now Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken over the procedures. Artificially intelligent robots have been a trend of 2018 and will continue to get advanced in the upcoming years. Consumer robots, military robots, and industrial robots are examples of the transformed robotics. The emergence of robots has also been witnessed in the medical field, they are being trained to execute surgeries and operations through their machine intelligence.

Deep Learning (DL) :Deep learning or Machine learning is directly associated with the advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Concerned with algorithms called ‘Artificial Neural Networks’, DL is inspired by the functions and structure of the brain aimed to make revolutionary progress in AI and to improve learning algorithms to make them easier to use. Deep learning is immensely helpful to elevate artificial intelligence to the next level, and eventually making the operations of IoT better than ever. Deep learning is widely incorporated by the datacenters – Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.

Cyber Security With unceasing progress in the technology and the adaption to the cutting-edge procedures, the cyber abusers and data offenders are also getting smart. Cybersecurity has become an essential element for the businesses with the increase in cloud computing and IoT. Foolproof security and ultimate data protection cannot be attained by 100% reliance on artificial intelligence. Therefore, human involvement will continue to exist to take decisions for which machines cannot be relied upon. The IT experts will have to make procedures formidable to prevent any sort of compromise on data security.

Accelerators :The emergence of and advancements in the accelerators will help to boost the hardware performance and improve the efficiency of energy to eventually minimize the cost of businesses. Few of the accelerators are;

  • Hardware Accelerator
  • Graphics Accelerator
  • Cryptographic Accelerator
  • Web Accelerator
  • PHP Accelerator

Broader applicability and widespread use of the accelerators is anticipated to be witnessed in the year 2018/19 as it’ll become the core factor in assisting instant transmission of the data in IoT.

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