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How to increase mobile app engagement

  • Sumayya
  • May 30, 2019

Mobile applications have become a great tool for reaching out to the maximum number of potential customers. With the extensive use of smartphones, gaining your customers’ attention has become quite easy through mobile app development.

Brands around the world spend heavy amounts on their business app development. They know what it would yield for them in terms of conversion rate and revenues.

Before you plan to launch your application, make sure you have implemented the strategies to make it as engaging as possible. Mobile app engagement is extremely important for your business. As a matter of fact, the number of active users matters more than the number of downloads of your mobile app.

If you’re now thinking about how to increase mobile app engagement, then Mayabytes has enlisted a few ways that will help you build an interactive and engaging mobile application.

Hassle-free onboarding – Seamless homepage

Talking about the first impression, the homepage is what your users come across first.

Making a simple and interactive homepage leads to better user engagement.

If your mobile app requires the users to sign up/sign in, make it fun and quick with fewer information fields and fewer complex features.

If you ask for a mobile app engagement strategy from Mayabytes, we would suggest you to learn your users first, then create an app that is as compelling as possible!

Mobile app personalization

You cannot build a mobile application that’s fit for every single user. Unless you’re a magician!

Let the users personalize it on their own.

Personalization is unquestionably one of the most contributing user engagement strategies. It makes the application compelling and provides with enhanced user experience.

Especially, if your application has the sign-up feature, you must allow personalization to the users so that they can customize the interface as per their convenience.

Integrate push notifications

The use of push notifications has significantly increased user engagement and retention in the past few years.

It helps the users remember that they have downloaded your application and grabs their attention to bring them back to your app. It also allows you to notify the users about the latest updates, news, and promotions.

The app development experts at Mayabytes consider push notifications unarguably helpful for conversion rate optimization.

Push notifications improve your conversion rate by reminding the users that they need to opt for the products or services through your app.

Real-time chat or chatbots

Chatbots have rapidly gained popularity during the past 4-5 year. To be true, they greatly help in enhancing app user engagement.

The time is long gone when the users had to drop a message (query) and wait for hours or even days to get a reply. In this era of digitalization, where you can hire a virtual receptionist for your business, the users get instant assistance through live chat.

This has, no doubt, turned out to be a great user engagement strategy.

Therefore, you need to integrate the live chat feature to amplify your mobile app engagement.

Reviews and feedback

Reviews and feedback have gained noticeable importance in the world of digital marketing and web and app development.

The users love to rate and review your product and services; by doing this, they directly tell the brand about their experience.

On the contrary, the reviews play a decisive role for the users who are planning to make a purchase through your application.

Well, talking about feedback, the users feel their importance when you ask for feedback through the mobile application. This is how businesses achieve customer retention.

It’s quite difficult to achieve mobile app engagement unless you have an app development expert by your side.

Don’t risk your money and efforts by hiring amateur app designers and developers, just visit and get surrounded by skillful web and app developers.

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